The Waitress Is Fired for Helping Old Man Drenched in Rain, Becomes Heiress to His Property Later – A Story of the Day – Songyan

The Waitress Is Fired for Helping Old Man Drenched in Rain, Becomes Heiress to His Property Later – A Story of the Day – Newszq2

A poor waitress is fired from her only breadwinning job for helping a drenched older man wait out the rain in the restaurant. One day, her kindness comes back a hundredfold with a tear-jerking surprise.

Aria, a 22-year-old waitress, was busy tending to the guests when she heard gradual tapping followed by pitter-patter on the large windows. The people outside ran for cover as the dark rain clouds spat beads of water when an older man soaked to the skin entered the restaurant. He was so drenched that Aria began to worry about him.

“Sir, this way, please,” she invited Franklin, 70, and showed him a seat by the window. Although Aria went out of her way, the other guests at the eatery grumbled after seeing Franklin come in. They thought he was a homeless wanderer…

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“How dare you let a beggar into the kitchen,” he screamed as the other staff flocked around him, staring at Aria.

“I am sorry, sir. But the poor man was drenched and helpless.”

“Do you think this is some kind of shelter for beggars?”

Aria stood frozen and helpless. And worse of all, nobody stepped forward to side with her.

“YOU ARE FIRED! Now get out of my restaurant.”

“Sir, please don’t do this. I need this job. I have a sick mother at home, and I have to buy medicines for her.”

“You should’ve thought about it before letting that vagabond inside. Get out and don’t come back.”

Heartbroken, Aria ran out of the eatery because she could not handle the humiliation she faced. Nobody appreciated her kindness, and that hurt her even more. She cried her way out of the restaurant when Franklin suddenly stopped her.

“Miss, I heard everything. But don’t be sad. Maybe this happened for a reason.”

Franklin consoled Aria and gave her an unbelievable offer for her kindness.

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“I thought people had forgotten to be kind to one another,” Franklin began.

“But what happened today moments ago changed my mind. I am surprised by your compassion, miss. I’m really sorry that you lost your job because of me. But I have an even better offer—Do you mind being my caretaker?”

As it turned out, Franklin was a wealthy businessman who headed a five-star hotel in a neighboring city. He had visited the town to meet a client and was robbed on his way to the hotel. He didn’t have money to hail a taxi, and it started raining heavily. That’s when he walked into the restaurant to wait out the rain and met Aria.

“Miss, what do you say? Will you come with me and live in my house in the city? I have nobody at home. My wife died long ago. I have no children. Maybe you could take care of me like your father.”

After a week of deep thought, Aria agreed. She had no other choice because she needed money to care for her mother.

Aria moved in with Franklin and took good care of him. Several months passed, and happiness bloomed back in Aria’s life. She didn’t have to work hard and overtime as she did in the restaurant. Franklin loved her like his own daughter and never regarded her as his nurse. Soon, all that joy in Aria’s life came to a colossal standstill when she found Franklin dead in his bed. He had passed away in his sleep.

Master, what will I do now? You cared for me like your daughter. What will I do without you? Aria cried at Franklin’s funeral. Nobody other than his business partners and friends attended. The late Franklin had no relatives, so Aria handled everything as his daughter.

After Franklin was laid to rest, Aria packed her bags and got ready to leave the mansion when the landline rang. Little did Aria know how this call would change her life for eternity.

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“Is this Miss Ludwig?”

“Hello, yes, may I know who is this?”

“Good morning, Miss Ludwig. I’m Charles, Mr. Brown’s lawyer. I need you to come to my office… it’s important. Please note my address…”

Later that day, Aria met the lawyer who read the late Franklin’s will. She turned speechless when she learned she was the sole heiress to her late master’s estate. Franklin had bequeathed everything, up until his last dime, to Aria. Tears of joy and gratitude flooded Aria’s eyes as the lawyer handed Franklin’s last letter to her.

“Dear, I was lonely without a purpose in life other than hoarding wealth. But after you came, I never felt lonely, and you treated me like your father. You gave me the family I never had. I hope you and your mother will live happily.”

Aria, a former waitress fired from her job for being kind, was now the boss of a deluxe five-star hotel in the city. Despite her newfound riches, Aria was always kind to others.

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