Stray Kitty Stops At Woman’s Doorstep And Calls For Help

There are many stray animals that have to struggle every day to find food and shelter. They are threatened by harsh weather, diseases, and even humans. Some may be lucky enough to encounter a kindhearted person willing to give them a forever home, whereas others end up with far worse prospects.

Fortunately, the story we want to share today is about a lucky kitten. The 6-week-old cat called Nuggie didn’t have anyone to rely on and wandered here and there for weeks. One day, she decided to find some help, and finally, she got what she deserved.

Source: detroitcatrescue

When she was too tired to continue rambling around, she came to a house and put her front limbs against the windowpane to call for help. She kept crying until the house owner, a warmhearted woman, noticed and brought her in until the rescue came. 

“A Detroit resident contacted us about a tiny kitten less than a pound on their porch,” said May Walsh from Detroit Community Cat Rescue. “They sent a photo, and we just couldn’t say no!”

Source: detroitcatrescue

May and her rescue team rushed to take Nuggie into their shelter after receiving the call from the woman. After checkups, they concluded the kitten’s health was fine despite some minor issues. “She’s healthy and happy,” May stated. “She loves to play just a little more than she likes to cuddle, but she’s still so sweet. She reminds us of cricket because she jumps around. Her whiskers are longer than her body, so she sometimes trips over them!”

Source: detroitcatrescue

This adorable kitty will stay in the center until she finds a forever home full of love and care. “Nuggie brought so much joy into my life and the shelter,” May shared. “She is the epitome of why rescue is so rewarding for humans as well as cats!”

Do you know any stray cats around your place? Have they ever visited your house? Leave your experience in the comment below and don’t forget to share this lovely story with your fellow animal lovers!

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