Steve Greig Can’t Stop Saving Unwanted Animals And Giving Them The Best Home Ever

Steve Greig is widely known as one of the most wholesome animal rescuers in the world. He usually adopts the most vulnerable, old-aged animals and gives them a great family. Steve Greig’s Instagram account, @wolfgang2242, got over 1 million loyal followers who love seeing his adorable pets. Greig has been doing this for several years while being an accountant for a petroleum company in Colorado, the U.S. In this post, let’s take a look at his beautiful, lovable family with senior, “unwanted” dogs, pigs, and chickens that he brought home from local shelters, animal hospitals, and rescue groups.


#1. Devoting His Life To Give These Elderly A Full House

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#2. Bikini The Pig Is Looking Right At The Camera! 

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#3. She Sometimes Thinks That She’s A Doggo And Not A Piggy

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#4. These Babies Are Loved And Taken Well Care Of! 

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#5. They Are Having Some Fun Time In The Sun.

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#6. Are All Ready To Go On A Road Trip! Let’s Go Daddy!

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#7. The Steve Greig Wolfgang Might Consist Of 21 Members At A Time. There Might Be More Now. 

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#8. Wolfgang, In Fact, Is His Late Dog That Died In 2012 After Several Years Living With Him And Was Really Close To Him. 

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#9. After That Painful Loss, He Decided To Give Senior Dogs A Loving Home Full With Food, Warmth And Friends. 

Steve Greig bikini pigs Source: Pinterest

#10. It’s Not Only Their Lives That Have Changed, But His Has Also Changed Forever.

Steve Greig senior dogs Source: Pinterest

#11. This Is How This Gentleman Walk Their Pets Everyday. 

Steve Greig wolfgang Source: New Yorker

#12. Even During The Pandemic, He Never Stops Doing His Wonderful Unpaid Job. 

Steve Greig accountant Source: New Yorker

#13. This Is How He Prepares Food For 10 Pet Dogs On A Daily Basis.

Steve Greig old dogs Source: New Yorker

#14. A Very Beautiful, Wholesome Family Picture Of Steve Greig’s Old Dogs And Him.

Steve Greig 34653456Source: New Yorker updates the most interesting stories and news daily. Remember to check out daily for more post about wild animals and hilarious pet stories!

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