Couple Spots Suitcase Full Of Puppies Discarded On Highway

Do you often look around while traveling on the road? If you never do so, maybe you would be tempted to take up that habit after reading about this incredible story.

Recently, when a couple was driving along a North Carolina highway, they spotted a strange thing on the road. There was an abandoned suitcase lying on the street, and whether you believe it or not, the bag was moving.

Source: Guilford County Animal Services

The couple slowed down and noticed a little black nose peeking through an unzipped bag corner. Shockingly, four cute little puppies showed up when they open the luggage.

The pair brought the dogs to Guilford County Animal Services. The shelter staff didn’t believe the ridiculous story about a bag full of puppies until they saw them in front of their eyes. “We all expressed shock that someone would do that,” a staff member said.

Source: Guilford County Animal Services

The four puppies are all female, and they are hesitant to accept their new carers, probably because of the fear of being abandoned again. The kindhearted staff in the center tried their best to give the animal comforts and show their love for them.

The shelter representative shared: “They are very scared and shy. The medical team says they haven’t had much human socialization, so our staff is interacting and playing with them.”

Source: Guilford County Animal Services

The shelter gave the dogs four cute travel- and luggage-related names, which are Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway, and Carion (as in “carry on”). The little puppies will stay in the center and undergo the necessary medical examinations until they find their forever homes.

Source: Guilford County Animal Services

Let’s hope that these lovable babies could find a permanent family soon! If you encounter an abandoned animal, don’t hesitate to send them to a rescue center because they deserve a warm home full of love and care. Subscribe to our website to update yourself with more fascinating stories!

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